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DC Windrush's Pinot Grigio MC LCM VLCM

Ch Tazi Quest Krizallah x DC Windrush’s Semillon MC LCM
DOB: 4/10/2004 - 5/2/2018

Gigi was bred to Vulcan in 2011 and they had 9 beautiful puppies. 

Gigi loves to chase the “bunny”.  She finished her ASFA Field Championship by 15 months of age and her AKC Field Championship by 17 months of age.  In between her field championships she acquired three majors in the show ring.  One of those majors was acquired by going Best Opposite Sex over specials.

Gigi has a lot of talent and is quick and agile. She is conditioning the young pups in the yard as they try to keep up.


  • AKC Field Championship 2005
  • ASFA Field Championship 2005
  • AKC Conformation Championship 2005 
  • #3 in AKC and #10 in ASFA for 2005
  • #5 in ASFA for 2006
  • Specialty Award of Merit 2007
  • #7 tie in ASFA and #9 in AKC for 2007
  • #8 in ASFA and tied for #10 in AKC lure coursing for 2008
  • #6 in ASFA Lure Coursing for 2009
  • 2009 ASA Gazelle Trophy for bitches with the most dogs defeated in ASFA. 
  • #8 Saluki in AKC Lure Coursing for 2010
  • Tie for #19 Saluki in ASFA Lure Coursing for 2010
  • #18 in ASFA Lure Coursing for 2011
  • #9 in ASFA 2012
  • #9 in ASFA 2013
  • #10 in ASFA 2014


1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation
Ch. Tazi Quest Krizallah
Ch. Aspen's Gift of Allah
Rafelda's Autumn Fire
Am. Can. Ch. Baghdads Gulliver
Am. Can. Ch. Jen Araby Mister Jay
Ch. Jen Araby Rebecca of Baghdad
Ch. Rafelda's Pairika
Ch. Rafelda's Feron of Sheik Saeer
Ch. Hightower Fan Faronade
Ch. Caje's Tiffany, F.Ch.
BISS Ch. Brenlair's Omar Markus V Mara
Ch. Brenlair's Omar Khayyam
Ch. Jen Araby Purely Mara
A-Sen-A's Snarta Bellarama
Am. Mex. Ch. Rama of Srinagar, CD
Ch. A-Sen-A's Yadavi Laksmi
Ch. Tazi Krizma Sarthena
Conamor Deji Sara Sharif
BIS BISS Am. Can. Mex. Int. Ch. Bel S'mbran Promise of Atallah, F.Ch.
Am. Can. Ch. Euphrates Springtime Jaadah
BIS BISS Am. Can. Mex. Int. Ch. Bel S'mbran Aba Fantasia
Conamor Farzah
BISS Ch. Conamor Fahran Farouk
Conamor Zaharah
Tazi Athena Alara
Am. Can. Ch. Ramazahn Nuri Dar Al-Awraa, CD
BIS Ch. Ramazahn Moonlight Dragon
BIS BISS Ch. Ramazahn Samavi Siah
Ch. Tazi Taye Axxara
Ch. Ramazahn Samavi Axxier
Ch. Samarkahn Maracanda
DC Windrush's Semillon, MC, LCM, V.FCh., V.LCM
SBIF MBIF MBIE DC Aarakis Bariiq Asuwish, SC, LCM4
Ch. Shareco Towayam Driessen, JC, F.Ch.
Ch. Rafelda's Windfire
BISS Ch. Enchalla's Ahmandon Puca
Ch. Rafelda's Pairika
Ch. Shareco's Bah-Jah V Towayam
Am. Can. Ch. Isle End Asir Farou V Shareco
Sulaika V Shareco
DC Aarakis Zafeer, SC, F.Ch.
Brenlair's Lyric Intonation
Brenlair's Valor of Caje
Brenlair's Solitaire
Am. Can. Ch. Brenlair's Airella V Lorwell, Am. Can. CD
Ch. Burydown Imperator
Ch. Brenlair's First Lady, CDX, F.Ch.
BIF DC Aspen's Neith bint Jihan, CD, MC, LCM
Ch. Aspen's Jaad, JC, F.Ch.
Ch. Hidasar Anbuhequ
Ch. Henrad Khan CACIB
Ch. Hidasar Asfar Katifa, F.Ch.
Ch. Zencor Psammantha
Ch. Jen Araby Psammos of Zencor
Zencor Hoshama
Ch. Aspen's Jihan aan Caje
Ch. Aspen's Gift of Allah
Rafelda's Autumn Fire
Ch. Caje's Tiffany, F.Ch.
Caje's Jalisa aan Aspen
Ch. Jen Araby Psammos of Zencor
Caje's Verity of Brenlair


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