Venus finished her LCM 4.  

Athena wins Best of Breed at the Region 6 Regional Invitational

Athena gets an Award of Merit at the SCOA National.  

Venus has single pup born on February 24, 2015.  Windrush Opus One, "Aria".

Rapp is No. 1 AKC Sauki in lure coursing for 2014

Vulcan is No. 1 ASFA Saluki in lure coursing for 2014.  


Short Videos of 2011 Litter.

Week 8 Saluki Puppy Photos Vulcan x Gigi

Adults and puppies occasionally available to well screened homes.

Check here for Photos of 2009 litter.

Link to 2009 videos and photos as they grow.  

Nebbi new Lifetime #1 Saluki in ASFA history -- defeating more salukis than any other in history! And now record number of trials attended.





In 1992, Kathy attended the Saluki Club of America National Specialty which was held every year at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.  It was a wonderful opportunity to see so many salukis all in one place from all over.  (Kathy has only missed 2 years 2009 and 2013).  As luck would have it, there was a breeder close by and she had just what we were looking for.  One of our first dogs that we acquired, Skye, lived to be over 16 years old.  We enjoy every opportunity we have to see our dogs run.  So lure coursing has been our top priority over the years.  On weekends off from lure coursing, Kathy enjoys agility and showing in the conformation ring. 

We have been blessed with many great dogs over the years.  It was amazing to see the AKC certified 3 generation pedigree of one of our litters.  Everyone was a Champion, many Dual Champions, mutiple coursing titles, agility titles and an obedience title.  

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